APIS IS WEST VIRGINIA’S FULL-SERVICE CREATIVE COMPANY, bringing expert branding, marketing, and business communications to our beautiful Mountain State and Appalachian neighbors. We serve private and public entities alike: for-profits, non-profits, government agencies, and professional associations as well as primary, secondary, and higher education providers. 

Apis was founded not as a traditional brick-and-mortar marketing agency but as a virtual network of top-tier freelance and small-business creative service providers. Our flexible infrastructure allows us to offer depth of expertise at an affordable cost from every corner of the creative space. Through our unique business model, we provide our clients as little or as much support as they need, when they need it. 

Why Apis?

Apis mellifera is the scientific name for the honeybeethe West Virginia state insect. Honeybees are the official insect of 17 U.S. states, in fact, because they’re critical to human agriculture and a strong economy  

Honeybees are heroes of the human and animal kingdoms. Without them, and the beauty and nourishment they make possible, life would not be the same. 

Communications in business (and all human relationships!) is just like the honeybeeWe depend on it to survive. To get things done. To understand one another. To meet each other’s needs. Without it, we couldn’t market our wares. We couldn’t relish the beauty of a well-turned brand. We couldn’t strive for a common goal. We couldn’t grow and flourish. 

This is why we’re Apis CreativeBecause the work we do is vital to the success of our clients. Because we believe in West Virginia, its resources, and its people. Because our ultimate vision is to help West Virginia build its reputation and its economy with a 21st-century image that competes successfully in the global marketplace.  

We know West Virginia is full of heroes in all shapes and sizes. The world has lately come to realize how import the honeybee is to life as we know it. Let’s help them see the beauty, vitality, and significance of West Virginia too. 

Working with Us

Apis is different. Were a virtual network serving a wide variety of client organizations with expertise, flexibility, and affordability. 

If youre a creative professional, let’s talk about how we can work together. Our goal is to provide top-tier products to our clients, and marketing, business development, and accounting support to our team members. Were building a statewide network of experts who offer services across the branding, marketing, and communications spectrum, from strategy to design-build to execution and consultingWe see our community as a mutual-support structure that makes the gig economy work for all of us. 

If youre an Appalachian organizationwe would love to discuss your needs and how we can meet them. Our mission is to connect you with the creative support that will help you meet and surpass your goals. It is OUR goal to be flexible, affordable, and fun to buzz around with 

Apis values hard work, honesty, partnerships, and inclusion. You do too? Wonderful! Let’s chat. We’re ready to get busy.