OUR MISSION is to connect Appalachian freelance and small-business creatives with the organizations that need them. 

OUR VISION is to become a trusted partner for our clientshelping you grow and thrive—while showcasing the tremendous gifts our mountain states have to offer. By elevating outside perceptions of Appalachia, we open our region to new opportunities. 


Apis works with for-profit organizations to help them build their client base and create a vibrant, effective infrastructure.  

We develop branding elements that set you apart. We create marketing platforms that communicate your value and connect you with your audienceAnd we help you engage in communications and organizational development efforts that keep you connected with customers, employees, investors, and the community as a whole. 

We also offer industry-exclusive support to each of our for-profit partners. This allows us to fully dedicate our efforts to your organization and invest ourselves wholeheartedly in your success. How can we help you achieve your vision?

Apis is committed to Appalachian communities and, by extension, the non-profit organizations that serve them.  

We assist you in many capacities. Developing branding and marketing efforts akin to those undertaken by the for-profit sector. Assisting with event planning and execution. Supporting grant-writing efforts. Refining your vision, goals, and processes. And helping with the year-round communications that maintain support for your organization and help you run smoothly and efficiently.  

We are looking for non-profit partners that share our values and our vision for a healthy, happy, vital West Virginia. Let’s band together to support our state’s economy, its infrastructure, and its people. 

Effective government is essential to the health and well-being of West Virginia, Appalachia, and the nation. Effective communication is vital to well-managed government operations. 

Apis’ expertise in government communication is an offering that sets us apart from other agencies, in West Virginia and beyond. Through years of experience working in federal and higher-education environments, our team members have developed a deep understanding of the similarities—and differences—between public relations for private organizations and public affairs for public agencies. 

Communication planning and execution lie at the core of our strategic work. Our toolbox includes social media management, digital platform development, educational outreach, media relations, organizational development, and a range of other tactics. What are your needs? How can we help? 

Professional associations are the lifeblood of every industry, vital to the advancement of their fields and the professional development of their members 

Apis offers communication support to associations that want to provide outstanding value to their members. What are your top goals? Raising public awareness? Recognizing excellence? Offering training? Improving your processes? Providing touchpoints for member connectivity—in person and remotely?  

Let’s talk about how branding, marketing, and communication can amplify your members collective voice, maximize your organization’s effectiveness, and enhance stakeholder interactions across the board.