Generate Your Buzz

Honeybees help sustain life on Earth by spreading pollen to all the right places. At Apis, we spread the word that’s vital to the life of your organization. 


Are you a for-profit opening doors to new customers? A non-profit raising awareness about your cause? A government agency reaching out to the public? An association building value for your members?  

You know branding, marketing, and communication are key to your success. We know how to design and create platforms and products to support your goals.


Let’s work together to realize your vision and make your organization successful—no matter your size, no matter the challenges you face.

Our Work

The Apis team of veteran freelancers has worked on projects for some of the biggest names in products and services across the United States, as well as organizations you know and love throughout Appalachia.

Like an Agency . . . But Better

Apis is different. We aren’t a brick-and-mortar storefront or traditional ad or marketing agency.

We’re a virtual network of professionals and creatives with a unique business model: We provide agency-level service with the flexibility of an a la carte menu.

Buzzing with curiosity? So are we. Let’s talk.

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